All campers are age 12 and older and will be given defined boundaries on the Southern Wesleyan University campus.  No children are allowed to leave without adult escorts (two or more).  Adult workers will be assigned to walk or observe these areas during the day and until lights out.

Internet access and technology use are at the discretion of each church/organization. Group Leaders are responsible for setting expectations with their students and enforcing the expectation. Internet access is password-protected and group leaders can share the password with adult chaperones and students at their discresion. Anyone discovered viewing illicit or illegal material online may be asked to turn in their device or leave camp if the material violated the Code of Conduct.

Yes. Clarity Camp will promote a safe and loving environment where children are valued, protected and encouraged in their faith.  Clarity Camp has four goals related to Child Protection: 

  • Prevent harm to children, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.
  • Provide guidelines for staff and volunteers (“Workers” by definition).
  • Create a compassionate environment.
  • Assure parents and guardians of the measures in place to protect their children.

Yes. All adults at Clarity Camp will have been screened, and will complete basic Child Protection training prior to camp.  Adult Workers will be trained on the specifics of the Clarity Camp Child Protection Policy on the first day of camp.  Everyone at camp will be trained on recognizing and reporting abuse by the end of their first day at camp.

Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to review the Code of Conduct during the registration process with their children. 

Students and chaperones will be trained in large groups on the first day of camp, using a Recognize, Resist, and Report framework.

  • Children will be reminded of Code of Conduct requirements so they can recognize anyone (adult or child) violating it.   

  • Children will be encouraged to resist, knowing they are made in God’s image and should never be mistreated for another’s pleasure.
  • Children will be taught how to report, and assured that every adult at camp will aid them in reporting and that the Child Safety Coordinator is available at all times.

Clarity Camp personnel will take every reasonable measure to manage safety for children in the camp’s care.  All Clarity Camp personnel, including campers have a vital role in each child’s safety.  Clarity Camp maintains a “Zero Tolerance” policy for Child Sexual Abuse.  Every adult at Clarity Camp is screened and trained prior to camp.  A full-time Child Safety Coordinator is assigned to oversee the implementation of a robust child safety program, including training for adults and children so that everyone at camp can have a safe and enjoyable week.

Clarity Camp’s incident Response Plan is detailed, and it includes: All Clarity Camp adults and children are required to report any reasonable suspicion of abuse, and the Child Safety Coordinator will report to the legal authorities, including the South Carolina Department of Social Services and law enforcement.  Clarity Camp will remove any alleged or suspected abuser while the investigation proceeds.  Parents would be notified, and treatment would be available immediately.  Clarity Camp will fully cooperate with the legal authorities’ investigation.

Clarity Camp’s full-time Child Safety Coordinator is responsible for an “overwatch” role to identify anyone violating the Code of Conduct, whether intentionally or accidentally.  Every identified violation will be addressed immediately by camp staff and recorded in writing.

Clarity Camp is not ECAP-accredited.  Clarity Camp is closely following the ECAP Standards that are achievable in 2023.  The Child Protection Policy is written based on the ECAP Standards, and Clarity Camp intends to pursue ECAP accreditation for 2024.


All leaders/chaperones should register in your group. Simply specify on the drop down menu who you are registering for. Leaders and Adult Chaperones are counted in the reserved spots total by Group Leaders.

Each church or organization will designate one person as a Group Leader. This person will be primarily responsible for communicating with camp staff prior to and throughout the week of camp. This person is usually a pastor with the church, but is also not required to be.

Anyone over the age of 18 that is not considered a student with their church/organization is considered an Adult Chaperone. This includes small group leaders, church staff not designated as the main point of contact, and any volunteer coming with a specified church/organization. Unless designated as a student with your church/organization, all other adults are considered Adult Chaperones.

Clarity Camp is designed for high school students. Youth leaders have the freedom to decide whether or not to bring middle school students as well.

Yes! Every person coming to camp is required to complete a waiver. Release waivers are digital! Waivers are included within the registration form and everyone at camp will need to complete a waiver.

Deposits are $100 per registrant and are non-refundable. Deposits will be applied to the camp registration cost. This deposit is transferable to other new registering campers or chaperones within your church or organization until May 7, 2023. Deposits cannot be applied to another camper’s remaining balance.

All payments are required to be in the form of a check. Deposits are due upon receipt of your first invoice. Invoices are sent to churches/organizations. Once paid, your spots are confirmed and deposits are non-refundable. Invoices left unpaid 30 days after receipt will result in a cancellation of secured spots. New reservation requests will result in spots being resecured under the current rate for the date the additional spots are requested

All future payments (for registration fees, meal additions, etc.) are also due immediately upon invoice receipt. 

All final payments are due May 31, 2023.

Deposits are non-refundable, however, you may transfer the deposit to another new camper or adult chaperone. If the full camp registration fee has been paid, you may request a refund which will be refunded less the $100 non-refundable deposit. Refunds (not including deposits) may be requested through May 7, 2023. No refunds of any kind will be made after May 7, 2023.

Yes, you can make changes to your registration until May 7th through the link on your confirmation email. We cannot guarantee any changes made after that date will be honored.

Absolutely! Registrations are accepted through Sunday May 7, 2023, if spots are available. You will pay the current registration cost that is listed on the website when you register the new campers. Rates change throughout the year and additional campers will be charged the rate listed for the specific date you request the additional spots. 


We recommend 1 adult for every 5 students (gender specific).

We will do our best to work with the staff and the facility to accommodate any campers with special needs. Email info@claritycamp.com with any questions.

Students will be sleeping in dorms at the host location and separated by church/organization and gender.


Please ask your students and chaperones to pack:

  • Closed-toed shoes for Arena Games.
  • Modest shorts, dresses, pants, or jeans for throughout the week. 


Please ask your students and chaperones not to pack anything that:

  • Promotes alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs
  • Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
  • Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations
  • Has spaghetti straps
  • Is excessively short or tight fitting.
  • Calls attention to their underwear (sagging pants, rolling down of waistbands, etc)


Clarity Staff may contact Group Leaders or Chaperones regarding students who are dressed inappropriately (clothing deemed excessively short, tight fitting, or revealing of undergarments) and will be asked to address the situation with students. If an adult with the student’s church/organization is not easily identifiable within the area, a staff member of the same gender will address the student.

  • First and foremost, please review the Code of Conduct for detailed expectations and guidelines.
  • Adult Chaperones are responsible for the care of students and ensuring that students are accounted for at all times, present at all scheduled activities, adhere to the lights out policy, and are eating and drinking adequately during meals and throughout the day.
  • Adult Chaperones are responsible for communicating concerns related to safety (emotional and physical), dress code concerns, and medical needs to their Group Leader or Clarity Camp’s Nursing Team when necessary.
  • Adult Chaperones are responsible for enforcing safety protocols and redirecting students if questionable decisions are being made. 

Bible, note-taking supplies, appropriate sized shorts and t-shirts, shoes, personal hygiene items, towel, twin XL sheets or sleeping bag, pillow, sunscreen, money for snacks and other optional items.

In most cases, Group Leaders will determine their own policies/procedures related to the handling of prescription medications for campers. Parents are expected to communicate the needs to their individual Group Leaders prior to departing for camp. However, if the prescription needs of a student require additional care outside of what a Group Leader is equipped to navigate, they may coordinate care with Clarity Camp’s Lead Nurse.

Now! Please visit our Staff Page for more information.